Albergue in Pinal Villa gets a New Mural

Edward Gilliam

Our good friend Edward Gillam donated a mural a few years back to the Albergue in Pinal Villa.  The Albergue is a project we built to provide basic education and medical services for migrant workers who come to Melaque and the Pacfic coast of Mexico each year to work. 

The mural was a lovely piece of art but the hot Mexican sun and summer rains had their way with the work and after a very short time large pieces began to flake off. 

Much to our delight he volunteered to do a new mural.  The elements are his vision of Mexico.  The central piece is Our Lady of Guadalupe but you'll find he's taken many of the daily aspects of life here in Melaque Mexico and incorporated them into the mural.  Musicans play, dogs chase chickens, trucks are loaded down with people and products and the colors and images dance across the wall.

We had a decidation ceremony during which Edward took time to explain the elements of mural.  Here is a video of artists and mural.