Seafood and Melaque go hand in hand

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People are usually amazed at the variety of food they can find in Melaque, Mexico during their vacation.  Did you know that yellow cheese is NEVER found in true Mexican food?  Until I started living in Mexico, many years ago, I thought Tex-Mex was the ultimate in authentic Mexican food.  

Here on the Pacific coast we have access to wonderful and fresh seafood, fish especially.  If you happend to catch a fish either from the shore or out on a fishing boat you can bring it into any beachside restaurant and ask them to prepare it for you.  You can have it sauteed with butter and garlic, grilled over an open flame, sauteed with chilies, steamed Vercruz style with tomatoes, onions, peppers and chiles, deep fried or depending on the fish, you can have it prepared Ceviche style.  The choices are vast.  It will usually come with tortillas, sometimes you get lucky and they are handmade, and rice.  At El Palmar we have an outside grill so we cook all our fish over an open flame.  

Ceviche is one of my favorite dishes along coast.  It can be fish, shrimp or octopus.  Along our part of the Pacific coast of Mexico the fish is usually ground, like hamburger, patted into a ball and put in boiling water for just a few seconds, then it is tossed with lime juice and marinated for a few minutes.  Once done marinating  the liquid is squeezed out and the chef then adds their special mixture of ingredients- onions, tomatoes, chilies, sometimes carrots.  You can also find "tiritas" which are fish cut in strips, marinated in lime juice and topped with thinly sliced red onions and sprinked with red chiles. Every resturant offers a slightly different flavor and feel to these dish.  Guests always ask me about the best places to eat, I give a few selections but it's fun to try as many different places as you can during your Mexican vacation, and try the same dish at different restaurants, you'll be amazed at the varity in flavors at each spot!

In Melaque we also have a great selection of street food vendors and this is the best place to get an authenic Mexican taco.  One word to make sure you know is "Picante" which translates to "spicy".  Each vendor will have 2-3 salsa selections to go with your food, be sure to inquire by saying "Picante?" before you pile on the salsa!  In general, green is going to be more mild then the red.  

Well, now I'm hungry!  

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