The Quinceañera

Mexico Vacations

Rosie and I attended the Quinceañera of our niece a while ago.  It was a very traditional Quinceañera, church service, a beautiful dress, young men as attendants, a big meal and lots of dancing. Tradition holds that when a young girl turns 15, she goes from childhood to womanhood. I would argue that the Quinceañera is a bigger celebration than a wedding. It is a milestone in a young woman’s life that is marked with great ceremony. In many smaller villages the entire town is in attendance for the party. In a town the size of Melaque there might be a few large Quinceañera parties a year, it is a significant expense for the family, and much like a wedding the mother and daughter want everything to be “perfect.”  Many times there will be a party coordinator, a choreographer, catering, and live music.  It’s quite a sight to see and if you are lucky enough to receive an invitation to a Quinceañera, plan to see a great show and bring your dancing shoes.