It's Market Day in Melaque

Mexico Vacations

Every Wednesday the tianguis, or market, comes to Melaque. During the winter months it grows to nearly double the size it is in the summer! You'll find fresh fruits and vegetables, used clothes, shoes, DVD's, hand crafted artisan pottery, mirrors, jewelry and more. It’s a great place to find kitchen gadgets and usually things like tools, as well as the perfect gift to return north. The fun starts early, by 8:00 vendors are set-up and ready to go, as the heat of the day increases the shopping continues, but by 4:00 it’s closing down. During the summer months you’ll find the Tupperware and kitchen supplies to be the bulk of the wears but the tianguis is still very well attended by locals. During the winter months we even get regular visitors from La Manzanilla to our market. Look hard enough and you can find just about anything. One tip, before you buy that 20 peso DVD on the newest James Bond release, make sure to get a preview, nothing worse than planning on a movie night only to find it’s been shot in a movie theater and dubbed over with an English sound track! Here's a video of some of the teasures you can find at the Melaque market.